Friday, November 28, 2008

How did I miss this ?

I had been thinking about adding a "copyright" notice to my blog for quite some time. I discussed the subject with my blogging mentor, MM, and decided to act on my idea.

After searching for a notice that I could add,"whole cloth", and not having any success, I copied MM's notice and set out to include it in my layout format.

I found the correct "gadget" format and began typing. All went well until I came to the place where I needed to insert the © symbol. I was stopped in my tracks. There was no © symbol on my keyboard.

Searching my rapidly vanishing brain cells for clues, I vaguely remembered some tips that I had received on alternative symbols from MM, so I began to press "alt" with keys on the top row of my keyboard. No luck. So I went down to the next row, pressing first,"alt" and then a "key". I was still unsuccessful, until I pressed the letter "g".

Suddenly, there it was ! The symbol © that I had searched for was available by pressing "alt", then the letter "g". What a concept !

Spurred on by the expansion of my "keyboard universe", I did a bit of research and discovered at age 60 what most of you already knew. Specifically, that there is a lot about my computer that I am not taking advantage of, due to my ignorance of all it's possibilities.

Much like my recent discoveries, (yesterday), of some of the basic features of my camera[s] that I had no idea existed.

Who knew ? Apparently, most everyone else, but that's OK, because now, I know too. It's a good thing that "you're never too old to learn". Now, if I can only remember these things the next time I need them.

[editor's note : MM, there is not ONE group of "triple dots" in this post until now...[hee, hee, hee...]

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