Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Do You Smell What I Smell?"[the grocery bag song..CC#9

another one of my favorites, first published 11/14/07...
it features the irascible Sneaky Pie & her late sister Gracie...
who died 12/22/08, & is missed every day by all...


Said Gra-cie to Sneak-y and the rest ....
"Do you smell what I smell ?" [do you smell what I smell...]
in these groc-ery bags, there is meat !....
and al-so some cat-nip ! [and also some catnip !]
There's beef, in here....and may-be chicken ,ooh !, ev-en
some of those crunchies I love too !
ev-en some of those crunchies I love too.

Said Sneaky Pie to Gracie, in the bag.....
I'll keep watch while you snoop [but you bet-ter share,you poop !]
rat-tle, rat-tle, crunch- tear-ing, RIP ! [rat-te,rattle,RIP !]
ooh, I just found some ground beef [joy, joy, rap-ture, bliss!] you
bet-ter share, or you'll be so-or-ry 'cause
I'll make Mom come, just wait and see ! I'll get
Mom, if you won't share with me !

said Gracie, with her mouth all full of beef,
munphf, mumphf, chomp, chomp, "eat shit !" [gob-ble, gob-ble ,eat shit]
Sneaky said, "I'm telling, wait and see !"
Gracie gobbles faster [nothing much is left now]"you'll
get yelled at, you selfish , greed-y cat ! " Gracie
keeps on in her guzzl-ing spree, be-tween
bites, she smiles with catly glee...

said Sneaky Pie to Gracie as she scarfs,
"Do you hear what I hear ?" [HA !, that was the car door ]
Mom's back from the car, now you die ! [Grac-ie eat-ing fas-ter]
NOW, you're gon-na get it and you de-serve it, be-
cause you would-n't share the feast with me, I'll en-
joy your death from the cat tree, I'll love
watch-ing you get pun-ished for your spree !

yells Mom, to Gracie, in the bag
"GET OUT OF THERE, RIGHT NOW !" [if you know what's good for you !]you
fat and evil cat, you ate the beef
that I got for meatloaf [ now it all has "hit the fan"]stuffed
Grac-ie "glides" to a hid-ing place, t-o
laugh at Sneaks and clean her face , "hee,hee,-- he,he
hee,heeeeee, he hee , he heeee [burp, burp] he heee!

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