Saturday, August 22, 2009

...back to the park

It had been quite a while since I was in the neighborhood park, with my camera.
Not since the day of the accident, Dec. 27, 2008...
So the other day, after a brisk walk around the block with Molly in the heat of the midday, I returned a bit later with my digital SLR to see how some of my favorite "targets" were faring in late summer...

I was disappointed to find the that the tree trunk that had been so gloriously
decked with fungi in fall & early winter, was now bare of any signs of fungal growth.
As I moved further along the chain link fence that keeps visitors away from the lake's edge, I took a few shots from some of my favorite vantage points.

Now quite different in appearance due to the green of summer...

and the lack of mist & fog...[I do love the colder months...]
As I walked west along the fence, I saw a duck making its way to the fence, about 100 feet in front of me.

By the time I got there, it was in the water, swimming towards the other shore of the lake.

I looked down and spotted its entrance point into the lake.
A "ducky sized opening" under the fence, probably created by a critter with paws, but useful for duckly egress just the same.

As I watched the duck paddle away, I noticed something next to the far shore...

a crane, I believe... You often see them in the wetlands around I5 going north to Ahnoldtown. Sometimes even on the freeway median, but I'd never seen one here before.
Of course, I haven't spent much time in this park, in the summer, when it was quiet enough for waterfowl to be "around".

Walking further west, I spotted a "planting project". These 4 are doing very well.
The 3 further to the west are not.

A total of 7 red oak trees planted by the Mudville Parks folks. They seem a bit close together for something that will grow so large, but they do grow slow & not all may survive.

It's just nice to see planning for the future in action as the green leaves reach out to embrace the warm summer sun.

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