Monday, February 27, 2012

...lucyfur update

Mz Lucyfur is slowly getting used to being back home. She avoided me the first day or so, since I was putting salve in her right eye and she was NOT amused, even though her eye is almost well now.

She was showing up at mealtime, but not really eating much and the vet had warned that if she stopped eating, she would relapse quickly.

She has a history of periods of finickyness, [issues with the "Turkey & Giblets"...]
which has not long persisted, but now is NOT the time, she needs to eat & regain her strength, so I considered getting different flavors to tempt her.

Then, it hit me... tuna...

I had several cans of chunk white or albacore tuna, canned in water in my pantry.

Years ago, when I had a bunch of kitties who would go outside to play, I used to buy tuna by the case at Costco and when I called them in from outside, they always got tuna... not nasty, smelly, cat-food tuna, but nice, people-food tuna... just enough for a taste for everyone, [with quality protein, a little goes a long ways...].

They would all come running... eager for their reward...

So I opened a can and offered it to Lucyfur... she started eating right away...

Of course, so did Cagney, who pushed her way in, while Mac & Sneaky Pie, noticing the enticing aroma, began to "circle".

Understanding that the "jig was up", I put the can, with lots of tasty bits still inside near their dish. Then I opened another can and gave the beggars most of it.
Lucy fur was still nibbling at hers[on top of the TV cabinet]. Later, I gave Lucy some more. She didn't eat as much, but she did come into the bedroom to drink and visit later on.

This morning, she came onto my bed, announcing that it was time to eat, then she came for cat-food, licked some of the gravy, nibbled a bit then retired to the TV cabinet, where I got her to eat a bit more tuna. She seems more alert, but getting her back to her normal weight may take some time. When her eyes are all well, that may help as I think they affect her sense of smell which always is linked to appetite.

So I hope that she's on the mend... she seems better...

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