Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RIP, Cagney

Cagney seemed to be recovered from her mouth problems. She was eating well and had even appeared to be getting along better with her nemesis, Sneaky Pie, having moved down from the top of the media cabinet, to claim the table behind the sofa, so she could be petted whenever I passed. I was busy last Tuesday and out of town most of Wednesday, so I didn't notice until Thursday afternoon that she had moved to the floor, wasn't eating or drinking and wasn't wanting to be petted every time I passed. I gave her some of the medicine that had healed her mouth just weeks before and it seemed to help, as she actually drank water early Friday morning. I took her to the vet, hoping that there was an easy fix, but the blood test came back as kidney failure with liver problems too. The IV had reversed the severe dehydration, but she had no control of her bladder and the fluid wasn't even urine, just fluid, indicating a total kidney failure. There was nothing left to do for her except hold and pet her. As the injection took effect, her faint purring stopped and she was gone. Ironically, her sister Lacy's cremains were there and I took both my sweet girls home.

I was able to dig a grave in the back yard without much problem. When Lacy died in early April, my back was too sore, I was suffering from the allergy/asthma problems and had to have her cremated because I couldn't dig a grave at that time. I scattered Lacy's ashes in the grave and put Cagney on top of them. I'd always planned to bury Lacy's ashes in the garden. It was a comfort to be able to bury them together. I came back inside and Sneaky Pie came over to me right away. Smelling Cagney on my clothes, she knew what had happened right away and seemed quite upset. Since they had never gotten along until the last couple of weeks, it struck me as strangely sad that she now seemed so sorry for having been such a butt to Cagney all those years. It's been several days now... the surviving 5 were all clingy for a day or two, SPie being the most strongly affected. I told her that nothing could change the past, that I didn't hold it against her and she just had to move on. I know it seems goofy, but she seemed to do just that. As I look at my few remaining kitties, sweet Mack, his diva sister Murphy, shy Charlie, loving purr machine MJ and the irrepressible Sneaky Pie, the house seems so empty. Then, when I dream, there they all are... always young and healthy, playing and chasing... what a blessing they are and have been... rest in peace, Cagney and Lacy... I always loved your friendly, furry faces...

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